Florence Township Fire Department



Engine 4013 is a 1993 KME. It has a 1500 GPM Pump and has a 1250 gallon water tank. It carries 1000 feet of 5 inch hose and has a Holmatro Combi Tool for light rescues. Has seating for 10 firefighters.

Ambulance 4081 is a 2008 PL Custom ambulance.

Rescue 4018 is a 2000 KME. It carries Holmatro Rescue Tools and has a cascade system on board. Has seating for 5 firefighters.

Fire Police Unit 4019 is a 1997 Ford that is a converted ambulance. It carries traffic control devices.

401 Firehouse Lane

Florence, NJ 08518

Phone: 609-499-1393

Fax:      609-499-9776

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