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MVA Turnpike 09-18-16

Trauma Call

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The Florence Township Fire Department was dispatched along with Westampton Emerge Services to mile marker 49 southbound. Chief 4001 arrived on location and stated he had a one car MVA, off the roadway. Ambulance 4081 arrived on scene next along with engine 4012. Crews then used rescue tools to cut the patient out of the car. Due to heavy trauma, an aeromedical chopper was dispatched and landed on the turnpike, which was shut down.


Westampton Emergency Services handled the LZ for the chopper and Virtua Medics treated the patient along with crews from ambulance 4081. Crews then turned over patient care to the JeffSTAT crew who then transferred the patient into the aeromedical chopper.  The other patients in the car were treated by the America Rescue Squad from Mount Holly.


The Florence Twp Fire Department was dispatched to John Galt Way on Sept 6th. in morning for a rescue. Crews arrived on location and began to treat the injured. Crews were assisted by the Florence Police, Virtua Medics and JeffStat. The patient was transported to the hospital via a medical helicopter. All crews worked together to assist the injured.

The Florence Township Fire Department was dispatched to the intersection of Route 130 and John Galt Way for a mulch fire. Engine 4012 extinguished the fire.

Fire at 39 Florence Tollgate Place


The fire which occurred on 2/19/2016 at building 39 of the Florence Tollgate Condos remains under investigation. Officials from the Florence Fire Department, Florence Police Department and various other agencies   continue to actively investigate the fire.


An area of origin has been determined and multiple credible ignition sources have been identified.  We are currently awaiting the opinions of various experts involved in the investigation.


Donations for the fire victims can be made to the Florence Tollgate Condo Association at 50-1 Florence Tollgate Place or call 609-499-0658.


On February 13, 2016 at approximately 0659hrs the Florence Township Fire Department, Bordentown Township District 2, Burlington (Relief Fire Company), Mansfield (Franklin Fire Company) were dispatched for a building fire located at 49 Main Street in the Roebling. Battalion Chief Taylor (4010), along with FTPD arrived to find heavy black smoke coming from one of the businesses. All companies were placed into service.   Crews from E4012, E3222, E3312, L3035, L4015 and RIT E9031 entered the building by forcing the front door to locate and extinguish the fire.  Building was checked for extension with nothing in evident with the exception of a smoke condition in half the building.  Building was ventilated.  All occupants of the apartments and businesses with the exception of one business was able to open for business on the day of the fire and occupy their residence.


The crews made a good stop to alleviate a bigger tragedy.  Good job to all!!!!!.

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